Star Gonzaga Forward Drew Timme Drops F-Bomb On Live TV After Comeback Victory Over TCU

Drew Timme

Drew Timme is back at it again.

The star Gonzaga forward couldn’t help but let a few expletives fly around this time last year, in an attempt to censor himself after the his team pulled out an 82-78 win over Memphis.

After the game, he tried his best to be good, as he said in an interview:

“I said I don’t give a flying F what happens at the end of the game, whether we lose or win, we’re not going out as no…ummm… soft guys. Leave it all on the floor… it could be your last 20.”

However, he simply couldn’t contain himself any longer.

At the end of the interview he lets it fly:

“Good sh*t. Good sh*t, boy.”

And fast forward a year later, and the mustache and head band rockin’ forward is back at it with the post game interview expletives again.

Timme had one helluva game last night against TCU, as his 28-point night helped the Zags mount a big comeback against the Horned Frogs, winning 84-81.

This time around, he said on live TV:

“It’s seven straight Sweet Sixteen teams, I’m like we cannot be the team that f*cks this one up.”

It’s no secret that Drew Timme is one of the most unique characters in college basketball, and is well on his way to play in the pros on some level.

Not to mention, this is his last season of college hoops, so he could probably care less about what he gets caught saying on live TV after an emotional, hard fought win.

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