Neighbors Unhappy After Rapper Rick Ross’ Pet Bison Get Out, Spotted Roaming Freely Around The Neighborhood

Rick Ross bison

I was today years old when I learned that famous rapper Rick Ross owns cattle and bison on his Fayetteville, Georgia estate.

With that being said, his neighbors aren’t too happy about how freely he’s letting the creatures roam, as video footage has gone viral of the bison and cattle chilling in the neighbor’s yard.

According to TMZ, the creatures had made their way over to the neighbor’s property twice last week, as pictures and video footage showed them roaming in the yard.

The neighbor was concerned that the creatures could potentially hurt her children who like to play in the yard, which they definitely could, considering all of the videos we’ve seen of bison charging and/or goring tourists at places like Yellowstone National Park.

She went to confront Ross about the issue at his house, where she got into a verbal altercation with one of his team members.

The woman then tried filing a neighbor dispute, and even tried calling the police, where they told her it’s a civil dispute and they didn’t make a report.

Now, Ross has told the outlet that he’s “grateful” that the woman went over and talked to his team about the problem, and has announced that the creatures have since been returned to his 235-acre property safely, with little to no damage done to the neighbor’s property.

He also added that they’re friendly in the event that someone finds them:

“When you see my buffalo, give them a carrot. Give it an apple. They’re so kind and so peaceful.”

Yeah, I don’t know about that…

He was gifted the bison around this time last year, and was very vocal about the gift, posting videos about it:

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