Cow Moose Spotted In Alaska Sporting Some Gnarly Grizzly Scars

Moose wound

She is one tough gal.

These animals are really out here fighting of everything just to survive. It’s never cool to see and animal in pain but it is incredible what they can endure out there.

Moose are the largest species of deer and the second largest animal in North America. Adult males, also known as bulls, can weigh over 1,500 pounds and stand over 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Their antlers can grow up to 6 feet across and weigh over 70 pounds. Cow moose can weigh over 1,00 pounds and stand 5 feet at the shoulder.

Grizzly bears are powerful predators are known for their strength and size, with adult males weighing up to 1,200 pounds.

In Alaska, moose and grizzly bears often interact with each other. Grizzly bears are known to prey on moose and are one of the only predators that can take down an adult moose. They use their size and strength to overpower the moose mixed with their long sharp claws and bone crushing bite.

Grizzlies are especially known to target moose calves yearly, being one of the largest predators in areas they both live.

But, these moose are massive too. They are able to use their size and strength to escape the grizzly attacks. They use their long legs to throw deadly kicks.

This cow clearly had her day but was able to make it away. She is seen walking with massive scars down her side from the claws of a grizzly bear.

The scars a testament to the damage a grizzly can do but even more so to how tough a moose can be. She seems to healed up pretty good given the circumstances.

The caption to the video sums up what happened to her.

“So this moose lost her calf and got torn up in the process. But she survived. And she is more than capable of inflicting serious damage on any bear.

And she still needs to eat. To survive. She went hoof to claw with an apex predator and lived to breed another year. She is a survivor.”

Nature is a tough place.

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