Absolute UNIT Of An Alligator Draws A Crowd In A Florida Neighborhood

Big gator

Is it just me, or am I seeing more and more videos and pictures of massive alligators making their way across residential areas in Florida more than ever?

Seriously, it feels like every week we catch wind of some absolute unit of a gator being seen on golf courses, neighborhoods, etc.

And here we are yet again.

A video has gone viral of yet another HUGE gator in a human-populated area. In the footage, you can see the creature making its way across the road in the Forest Glen Community neighborhood in Naples, Florida.

WINK chief meteorologist Matt Devitt, who has posted a couple of pictures and videos like this before in the past, is the one who shared it to Facebook, saying:


Check out this big boy crossing the street in the Forest Glen Community in Naples Thursday!”

It’s hard to tell exactly how large the gator is, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you don’t want to get within a few feet of this thing.

Just see for yourself:

Florida Alligator Forces Way Through Metal Fence

If we needed further proof of how strong alligators are, just take this video for instance.

WINK chief meteorologist Matt Devitt also shared this video to Facebook, of a massive gator making its way right through an aluminum fence with ease.

He said in the caption:

“Check out this big guy bend the aluminum bars and plow right through it this week in Placida.

He eventually got through according to the viewer who shot the video. Only in Florida!”

And perhaps the wildest part of the video is how easily the gator is able to do so.

Granted, aluminum isn’t the strongest thing in the world, but damn, this ol’ boy just powered his way through there.

Although the gator’s size was not shared, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you could probably put a saddle on this thing and ride it into town (wouldn’t recommend).

They grow ’em different down there I guess.

Check it out:

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