Oblivious Man On His Phone Runs Into Black Bear In California Driveway

Black bear

That was a close one…

A few years back, a news station helicopter was following the meanderings of a black bear lost in a residential neighborhood of La Crescenta, California.

For the most part, the bear wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, just walking around and trying to figure out where exactly he was. I can imagine word tends to travel fast when a monster predator is roaming the streets, so there were no people in sight.

Well, almost no people in sight…

The bear made a turn down one of the driveways and started walking directly towards a completely oblivious man who was, wait for it, texting.

Head down, buried in the endless stream of memes, videos, and posts that make up the internet world, completely ignoring the very real world consequences that were literally staring him in the face.

Fortunately, he did eventually see the bear and made a mad dash back to his house, after, of course, tucking his phone safety in his pocket.

The best part of this whole sequence has to be commentary from a very concerned news anchor. You could clearly hear the worry in her voice when she said

“Uhmm, there’s a person walking right there”

Could have turned this from a funny video to a morbid one really quick…

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A beer bottle on a dock