Drunk Murderer Brags To Police About Crime, Gets Arrested And Sentenced To Life In Prison

drunk guy

Here’s a Peaky Blinders wannabe if I’ve ever seen one…

Bodycam footage from a cop in England shows an absolutely wild scene unfold while they were investigating the murder of Adrian Ellingford in Nelson Grove, Chelmsford.

The 44 year old man had been stabbed on July 25th of last year and had eventually succumbed to his injuries. Authorities were searching the area for any clues when the world’s dumbest criminal walked straight up to them and started running his mouth.

Marek Hecko, a 26 year old from Rookes Crescent, approached an officer who fortunately had her bodycam recording. He was drinking straight from a bottle of brandy and was clearly quite drunk.

At first it appears he may just be a curious day drinker, but very quickly he starts saying some very, very incriminating things, with a confidence that I couldn’t even imagine having.

I did my best to clarify his words for text form, he was slurring quite a bit, so listen for yourself to get the entire picture.

“I know what happened. I know the people that are involved… you need to dig deep, you know? I’m not going to tell you what happened, and you need to me to figure out what happened. If you don’t have me, you don’t know what happened.

I just know that some guy come here, and he f*cked up some guy. You’re gonna think about me, but it’s not gonna be me because you have no proof. This city’s mine, I’m not going to tell you what happened. This city’s mother f*cking mine.”

I can’t believe he didn’t once say “By orders of the Peaky Blinders” …

Well, quite unsurprisingly, the police came and arrested Marek a few days later and he was put on trial for Adrian’s murder.

What was his motive?

A classic story of revenge on an ex-girlfriend’s new partner, although it does gets a little more twisted.

Adrian was married man of 17 years and father of 2, but he was in a relationship with Marek’s ex on the side.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean he should have been stabbed to death, but it does add another wrinkle to a very weird story.

The trial began about 3 weeks ago and a guilty verdict was reached this Monday, March 13th. A day after, he was sentenced to life in prison, with a guaranteed sentence of 26 years.

Absolutely insane, and nice to know that America isn’t the only country full of wackos…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock