Bella White Poses Heartbreak & New Beginnings In Melancholy New Single “Flowers On My Bedside”

Bella White country music
Bree Marie Fish

This era of Bella White has been unbelievable.

She has been one of my favorite up-and-coming female artists since her 2020 album Just Like Leaving. Her sound continues to evolve with each single she releases from her upcoming album Among Other Things. 

Her latest release, “Flowers On My Bedside,” addresses heartbreak through stick-to-the-ribs lyrics. I’ve said before that White does melancholy bluegrass best, and this song is a perfect display of her talent.

White noted about the creation of the tune:

“When I was writing that song, I had this odd sensation of feeling really broken and sad about a breakup but also really excited about what I was creating.

It felt like I was building my own little world within the song and growing as I wrote it. I found so much healing in that experience I ended up coming up with seven other verses that didn’t make it onto the album.”

The lyrics perfectly capture this feeling.

When she sings:

“Thoe whose love for me has dried
Like the flowers on my bedside…”

It sums up heartbreak but new beginnings in a way I could have never thought of, but also in a way that makes so much sense.

I am patiently counting down the days till April 21st to hear the rest of the genius that this album seems to be promising.

Among Other Things Tracklist:

1. The Way I Oughta Go
2. Flowers On My Bedside
3. Dishes
4. Break My Heart
5. Marilyn
6. Numbers
7. Rhododendron
8. Worth My While
9. The Best Of Me
10. Among Other Things

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