‘Yellowstone’ Removes “Season 5 Returns This Summer” Teaser Amid Kevin Costner Drama

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Well, this isn’t good.

Incase you haven’t heard, Yellowstone is going through it right now.

Rumors began to spread that filming for the second half of season five was more than likely going to be delayed, after Kevin Costner was allegedly having film scheduling issues.

Long story short, Costner is reportedly working on his own Western film, Horizon, and negotiated a limited filming schedule for 2023 into his Yellowstone contract. However, due to a mixture of delays with Covid, production issues and Taylor Sheridan’s own schedule, the filming didn’t get done and there is a whole second half of Season 5 that needs to get filmed.

Originally slated for this summer, Yellowstone released a teaser titled “Yellowstone Season 5 Returns This Summer” after the conclusion of the mid-season finale.

And fans were pretty pissed they were gonna have to wait that long.

But, you can no longer find the video on YouTube unless you have the link (luckily I do because we wrote about it when it was released):

And it looks like they’re gonna have to wait even longer…

It’s also been rumored that Costner’s time on the show may be coming to an end, and there’s a possibility that Matthew McConaughey may be starring in a spinoff series, featuring a lot of the original cast.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and I presume they’ll get it all worked out, but it’s looking like we’re gonna have to wait until at least November to see the rest of Season Five.

And unfortunately, the news regarding Yellowstone’s future doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

I guess time will tell where this ends up…

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