Mic’d Up Marc-André Fleury Begs Referee To Allow Goalie Fight: “It’ll Be Fun, Get The Crowd Going”

Marc Andre Fleury

Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, you have to applaud the sport for allowing all out brawls from time to time. Nothing better than seeing two hockey players throw down the gloves and helmets so that they can effectively “throw down.”

A recent incident during a game between the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues was broken up by the referees before a fight could break out. Luckily, the Minnesota Wild player Marc-André Fleury was mic’d up during the whole thing, and his “jawing” towards opposing goalie Jordan Binnington was hilarious to say the least.

The video shows Fleury skating up to a gathering of players and recognizing some tension between his teammate and players from the St. Louis Blues. You’ve got to have your teammates’ backs right?

Fleury thought so, and immediately provoked the St. Louis Blues’ goalie Jordan Binnington, who is always causing trouble himself:

“Hey, hey! Let’s go, Let’s go, Let’s go.”

The “semi-automatic” release of “Let’s go” was not a cheer or words of encouragement for the opposing player. Instead, it was used as an invitation to “throw hands,” and Fleury was quick to take the gloves off to have a good old fashioned bare-knuckle boxing match.

Fleury began to skate towards Binnington, who had also removed his gloves and helmet in preparation for the fight, but the refs stepped in to break the pair up.

Fleury wasn’t happy about that:

“No, no, no. We’re not done. Come on. It’ll be good. He (Binnington) always want to fight someone, you know?”

Unfortunately the microphone wasn’t able to pick up the ref’s response, but it was clear that he was trying to de-escalate the situation. Fleury continued to reason and plead with the referee:

“It’ll be fun, get the crowd going a bit, yeah?” 

The ref still wasn’t having it. Even as it seemed the situation between the two players on the ice was starting to cool off (hockey rink pun?), the ref still stayed close to the Minnesota Wild player.

As the referee eased up, Fleury began to skate towards his dropped belongings, which caused the ref to tense up again and stop the hockey player. The Wild’s goalie wasn’t happy about the situation again, referencing how he had to get his helmet back to help with his appearance:

“I’ll just get my stuff. I don’t like having my hair like this, you know? He’s gone, he’s gone.”

No one wants to be seen with bad hat/helmet hair… Fleury is one of us.

The hilarious exchange gave hockey fans and sports fans alike a closer look into the art of hockey fighting and reasoning with NHL refs. More and more sports are beginning to “mic up” their players and coaches, which leads to hilarious insights like this one to occur (and go viral).

Still upset we were robbed of “goalie on goalie” violence, but this mic’d up video is enough to make up for it.

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