Couple Goes Viral For Unknowingly Scheduling Panama City Beach Vacation During Spring Break

Spring Break couple

Spring Break is a great time to party hard… if you are a college student.

However, it’s not as appealing if you are a couple trying to relax on a beach vacation.

A couple went viral on TikTok after they accidentally booked a Panama City Beach vacation during the week of most college spring breaks. They apparently did not know that “PCB” could very well be the “Spring Break Capital of the World.”

The couple, Dalton and Sake, started out their Spring Break coverage via TikTok with a video captioned “When You Accidentally Go On Spring Break,” which humorously shows the pair standing on the beach amongst a sea of college-aged spring breakers:

@dalton.aint.worried Spring break 2023 #marriedlife #couples #interracialcouple #mixedcouple ♬ original sound – dalton.aint.worried

Sake jokingly asks her husband what he was looking at, to which he replies “the ocean.” With quick wit, Sake judgingly states:

“The ocean is that way, not that way. What are you looking at?”

Their continuing coverage of the Spring-Break-Blunder shows that the couple was apparently trying to keep up with the partying young crowd. It looks like Dalton and Sake couldn’t go drink for drink with the younger demographic, leaving the husband in complete day-drinking misery.

The video, captioned “When you try to party with the 20 year olds on spring break,” oozes “how did I used to do this and not feel like shit” vibes:

@dalton.aint.worried Spring break 2023 #marriedlife #couples #interracialcouple #mixedcouple ♬ original sound – dalton.aint.worried

Sake teases her husband and says:

“Hey, you tapping out already? You’ve only had 3 drinks and you are ready for a nap.

If you can’t hang with the big dogs you better stay your ass up on the porch.”

Poor Dalton can’t seem to catch a break.

Lastly, is it really Spring Break without some Oklahoma Drills? If you aren’t familiar with the practice, what originated as a practice drill in football has now been adopted by drunk college kids on the beach in swimsuits. Two people lay down on their back facing away from each other, then get up and try to tackle one another.

Why do Spring Breakers do a football drill without any pads on? Well, I actually conducted an extensive, in-depth study in order to find out.

I concluded that “You drink a lot of alcohol on Spring Break, and alcohol makes you do some really stupid stuff sometimes.”

The accidental adulthood spring breakers gave coverage of the Oklahoma Drills (which they coined the “Circle of Death”) from the safety of their beachfront balcony:

@dalton.aint.worried Oklahoma drills on spring break💪🍺 #marriedlife #couples #interracialcouple #mixedcouple ♬ The Final Countdown (Originally Performed by Europe) [Instrumental Version] – Hit The Button Karaoke

Having the broadcast-like commentary set over Europe’s “The Final Countdown” was an artful touch. I’m sure they are glad they kept their distance from this Spring Break staple.

If there is anything viewers of this TikTok thread can take away, it is to:

1) make the most of your situation and keep a positive attitude like Dalton and Sake did

2) always check to make sure there isn’t “Spring Break Palooza” happening at the site of your vacation

Those are two things to live by and always consider, but we’re all better off for getting a glimpse at this TikTok couple’s hilarious vacation scheduling accident.

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A beer bottle on a dock