Oklahoma Woman Nearly Has Her Ear Ripped Off After Being Attacked By… A Monkey?

Monkey attack

Man, I thought I’ve seen some horrific and wild headlines in my day, but this may be the wildest I’ve seen yet.

Brittany Parker was in her Dickson, Oklahoma home, when she noticed a monkey on her porch that was attempting to get inside her house.

She called the police when the monkey became aggressive, and began ripping off part of the door as she tried to keep it out of the house.

Dickson told FOX 25:

“I was sitting here in this exact spot and I looked out the window and there was a monkey looking at me. I took a second glance and said ‘Oh my God! There is a monkey on the front porch.’

The monkey was trying to get into my house. The little button that you push in on the screen door, he broke it off. I was literally hanging onto my door trying to hold it closed.”

Once the police arrived, the monkey appeared to have calmed down, and Parker walked outside to greet the officers.

However, the monkey became aggressive once again, and attacked Parker.

She continued:

“He jumped on my back and landed on my head. He started grabbing handfuls of hair and just ripped it out. He ripped my ear almost completely off my head.”

Police said that the monkey ran off after the attack and was eventually shot by a family member.

Dickson police chief Tim Duncan said:

“As we were looking for the primate, two shots were fired. The shots came from the area of the victim’s residence. Officers went back to the house and found that a family member of the victim shot and killed the primate.”

I mean good Lord. You just know it isn’t your day when you walk out your door and get brutally attacked by a monkey…


Parker says that the injury to her ear will require plastic surgery, and called the situation “very traumatizing:”

“My son loves to play outside. Do I let my child go outside and play? Do I worry every time we step outside if we are going to be attacked by something? It is very traumatizing. It is very scary.”

Police added that the monkey was someone’s pet, and was not illegal.

That being said, what business do you have owning a monkey? At all… damn shame.

The monkey was also spotted by another neighbor who captured a viral video on TikTok.

He was initially stunned at the sight of a monkey in Oklahoma, but nearly suffers the same fate as the woman when he opens the door:

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