Country Toddler Goes Viral For Launching His Battery-Powered Boat Like A Pro

Kid with boat

Siri, play Alan Jackson’s “Country Boy.”

Don’t mind if I do…

For one toddler on TikTok, this song is likely his theme song. Even though money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy you a boat… And the boat is plenty for him – a battery operated boat, that is.

Liam, a toddler from New Zealand, has gone viral on social media for his variety of battery powered vehicles including an off-road Ford Ranger, a G-Wagon, a mower and a boat complete with a waterproof trailer.

But this isn’t something you can run out to a toy store and buy. His dad built it special just for him using a plastic sand box and a power wheels motor, and you’ve got to admit that’s about as country it gets.

They’ve even started a new project building a helicopter, and I’m really excited to see how that one turns out.Video

@_liams_life_ Replying to @Isaac’s Awesome Adventures its a work in progress 😅#helicopter #copter ♬ original sound – Daily War History

Just wait until you see his “Gone Fishin’” videos set to some country hits… can we go ahead and deem this kid country boy of the year?!

These videos are guaranteed to crack you up.

Kid is a pro:


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock