Canadian Coyote Hunter Comes Face To Face With Curious Bobcat


Not the small predator he was looking for, but super cool none the less.

A man in New Brunswick, Canada was recently out coyote hunting when an unexpected guest paid him a visit.

Bobcat are typically pretty reclusive, spending most of their time quietly lurking in forests or other places of cover, so if you see one out in the open, odds are it’s pretty hungry and getting desperate for a meal, which can mean bad things for any living thing in the area.

The video starts with the bobcat out in the middle of a snow covered field, seemingly zeroed in on the hunter from the start. It makes a beeline right to the snow bank in front of him, where it climbs up and stares at the man, who remains almost too calm for the situation.

In fact, he starts whispering to it in the most Canadian way…

“Whatchu doing, kitty cat? Whatchu doing, kitty cat? Huh?”

Sure, this was a smaller bobcat, but after seeing one nearly take out a fully grown deer, I wouldn’t want anything to do with them.

Of course, it helped that he had a rifle in his hands…

Fortunately, the bobcat immediately saw he was outsized and quickly ran off, leaving the hunter with nothing more than an awesome video.

Canada’s a pretty cool place, eh?

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