After Years Of Trying, Man Finally Captures Elk Shedding Antlers On Camera


Talk about a good find.

Truly once-in-a-lifetime. I mean, this guy was trying for years and there was still a lot of luck involved. But, when you put the time in, good things happen.

Elk are known for their large size and antlers. They are the second largest member of the deer family, with bulls weighing up to 1,100 pounds.

Only male elk grow antlers, which they shed and regrow each year. The antlers can grow over 5 feet in length and weigh up to 40 pounds, with a lot of sharp points. The antlers are made of bone and are covered in a layer of velvet during the growing season. The velvet contains blood vessels that supply nutrients and oxygen to the growing antlers, and the velvet is shed once the antlers are fully grown.

Elk antlers are an important part of the mating ritual for bulls, who use their antlers to establish dominance and attract cows. During the rutting season, bulls will battle with other males, locking antlers and pushing against each other to establish dominance. The largest and strongest bulls with the most impressive antlers are typically the most successful in attracting cows and winning the battles.

This many talks about his years of shed hunting and trying to capture an elk shedding its antlers on video. He then gets out for a look and spots an elk with one antler. The elk becomes agitated and is seen dropping its antler behind a tree.

The man goes up and picks up the large antler shed, in awe of his prize.

That’s just amazing that he actually captured it on video.

You see people, this is why nature is cool… get out there.

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