Tulsa King’s Garrett Hedlund Joins The Cast Of ‘1883: The Bass Reeves Story’

Garrett Hedlund

This 1883: The Bass Reeves Story is finally taking shape.

The show is yet another project of Taylor Sheridan, telling the story of the famed African American lawman Bass Reeves, who worked during the post-reconstruction era as a federal peace officer in the Indian Territory, locking up over 3,000 dangerous criminals without ever getting wounded.

Not to mention, many believe that the story of “The Lone Ranger” was inspired by Reeves as well.

So far, Sheridan has put together an all-star cast, with David Oyelowo starring as Reeves, along with Barry Pepper, Dennis Quaid, Forrest Goodluck, Lauren E. Banks, Grantham Coleman, Demi Singleton, and Shea Whigham, as production has kickstarted in Texas.

And now, we can add yet another well known actor to the cast, as it was just announced that Garrett Hedlund is joining the show, according to Variety.

He’ll portray Garrett Montgomery, a “posse man” who Reeves hires for his riding skills and expertise of the land.

Hedlund is perhaps most known for his role as Don Billingsley in the movie Friday Night Lights, and as country singer Beau Hutton in Country Strong, but more recently has found a role on another Taylor Sheridan show… Paramount+’s Tulsa King.

Hedlund has also dipped his toes into the country music world, releasing a number of singles, and also was featured heavily on the soundtrack of Country Strong in 2010.

He recently teamed up with Caitlin Rose for a song called “Tulsa Night.”

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