Muskie Hammers A Smallmouth Bass That Fisherman Is Reeling In For The 2-For-1 Catch


Can’t complain about that one.

Muskie are a large predatory fish species that are native to North America. These fish are known for their impressive size, predatory behavior, and appetite.

Muskies are one of the largest freshwater fish in North America, with some reports of muskies reaching lengths of up around 60 inches and weights of over 60 pounds. Muskies are apex predators in their freshwater habitats, and they are known for their aggressive and opportunistic feeding behavior.

These fish are ambush predators, meaning that they sit and wait for their prey to come within striking distance before launching an attack.

Muskies are known for their powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth, which they use to grip and hold onto their prey. Once they have caught their prey, they will thrash around violently, which helps to kill their prey before they eat it whole.

Muskie will eat just about any fish that comes in front of it, including bass.

These good ol’ boys were out for a day on the water catching some bass. One of them hooked into a nice smallmouth but it came with the best of surprises.

A muskie hammered the bass as he was reeling it in and it refused to let go. The video shows a muskie holding onto a bass, who sideways in its mouth… like a dog holding a bone. The man reels them in and by the time he gets them to the boat the muskie has started to swallow the bass.

The get both fish in and free the bass from the muskie before snapping a few pics with the 48-inch giant.

The old 2-fer-1.

That is a once-in-a-lifetime catch and as good as it gets.

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A beer bottle on a dock