The 2023 Minnesota High School All-Hockey Hair Team Video Is HERE

Minnesota hockey

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Time for the annual Minnesota State High School All-Hockey Hair Team winners to be crowned.

If there was ever a place where country music and hockey collide, it’s with what’s going on under that helmet. Where are you going to find some of the best mullets know to mankind? Country music and hockey… it’s that simple.

If you’re not familiar with this elite unit, the annual Minnesota State High School All-Hockey Hair Team members are simply just the best flows in all of Minnesota State High School Hockey, arguably the strongest pound for pound mullet-producing area in the world.

Sure, it’s been called a number of things over the years, from the Tennessee Top Hat or a Canadian Passport, to the a Mississippi Mudflap or a Kentucky Waterfall, but if you’re looking for some of the best salads on God’s green Earth, look no further than Minnesota high school hockey.

These hockey kids from Minnesota are known for having some of the most luscious heads of lettuce in the business.

Ladies and gentleman, without further ado, I present to you, your 2023 All-Flow Team.


Of course, country music has a long history with the mullet, but nobody’s really bringing it like they used to.

I mean, back in the day we had Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, his hair high-holiness Billy Ray Cyrus, but unfortunately, right now, there’s really only one person bringing that big mullet energy to country music.

Morgan Wallen.

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