Jake Worthington Announces Debut, Self-Titled Album

Jake Worthington country music
Jim Wright

Jake Worthington has some honky tonk heaters coming our way very soon.

The La Porte, Texas native just announced that his debut, self-titled album is slated to drop on April 7th, which features a 13-song tracklist, and he is a co-writer on every song but one.

The project also features a collaboration with his Big Loud labelmate Ernest on “Pop Goes The Whiskey,” and Jake was featured on Ern’s twanger “Heartache in My 100 Proof,” for his recent Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses record in February.

Of his debut, Jake says it will be super country and steeped in his signature Texas twang:

“I don’t mind being a dark horse. Blame it on my raising, but I think there ought to be room for country in country music.”

He added that it’s important to him to carry on the legacy he learned from his grandpa by keeping the dance floor full with real deal country music:

“Like my grandpa always says, you’ll know you have a hit song if the dance floor’s full.

A lot of people have told me it’s hard to sell our kind of music, but I don’t care. I’ve always taken the long way around.

I believe in country music just about as much as I believe in my next breath.”

Ahead of the full release, Jake will put out “State You Left Me In” and “Next New Thing” this Friday:

My debut album releases 4/7, and the first two songs ‘State You Left Me In’ and ‘Next New Thing’ come out this Friday, 3/17. #TONK”

Jake was also featured on Ronnie Dunn’s awesome 2022 100 Proof Neon album for a duet called “Honky Tonk Town”:

Jake Worthington tracklist:

1. State You Left Me In (Jake Worthington, Timothy Baker, Roger Springer)
2. Single At The Same Time (Jake Worthington, Robert Arthur, Kim Penz, Jacob Boyd Weinschenk)
3. Without You (Jake Worthington, Jody Booth, Roger Springer)
4. Pop Goes The Whiskey (feat. ERNEST) (Rocky Block, Seth Ennis, Kyle Fishman, Ernest Keith Smith)
5. Ain’t Got You To Hold (Jake Worthington, Joe Denim, Roger Springer)
6. She Ain’t You (Jake Worthington, Jake Doucet, Roger Springer)
7. Next New Thing (Jake Worthington, Steve Leslie, Roger Springer)
8. Honky Tonk Crowd (Jake Worthington, Clint Daniels, Jeff Hyde, Roger Springer)
9. I Ain’t Goin Anywhere (Jake Worthington, Wyatt McCubbin, Roger Springer)
10. Night Time Is My Time (Jake Worthington, Monty Holmes, Roger Springer)
11. Only One Way To Find Out (Jake Worthington, Jessi Alexander, Dave Cohen, David Lee Murphy)
12. Heaven Can’t Be Found (Jake Worthington, Will Jones, Kim Penz, Roger Springer)
13. Closing Time (Jake Worthington, Nick Walsh)

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