Bird Hunter Watches His Downed Dove Get Devoured By Rattlesnake

Snake eats dove

That’s a big ol’ kick to the shins if I’ve ever seen it.

You go walk around chasing after an animal, spend a good part of your day, money and thoughts on it and then when you get one, something else decides its theirs and they run off with it.

Nature’s full of thieves…

And rattlesnakes in particular are one baaaad animal. They can grow to be over 6-feet long and are known for their venomous bite and the rattle they let go when they sense danger approaching. They are not a snake most people want to cross paths with.

Straight up… they are killers. They love to eat any mice, rats and any other rodents they can get a hold of. This case even proves they will grab ahold of any bird they can too.

This hunter was out for a day of dove chasing when he shot and downed a dove. As he walks up to it, he realized something else had ahold of his kill.

The hunter was rattled with what he was seeing:

“I ain’t never in my life seen anything like that. That rattlesnake stole my bird.

I shot him minutes, not even 2-3 minutes and walked over here. I seen the bird moving a little bit, I thought it was him moving, but it was the snake moving.”

That certainly throws a curveball in the hunt.

And it’s one not worth trying to avenge… just walk away and cut your losses.

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