It’s Time To Pretend You Know About College Basketball & Fill Out a Bracket… March Madness is HERE

March Madness
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Conference tournaments wrapping up means that Selection Sunday is here, and Selection Sunday marks the start to quite possibly the best sporting event in the world: March Madness.

It is time for sports fans and even non-sports fans to come together and act like they know what they are doing as they fill out their 68-team college basketball brackets.

Buzzer beaters. Heartbreaking defeats. Upset Alerts. Cinderella Runs. Anything and everything can happen in March and the parts of the tournament that pour over into April.

Easier to just say March Madness instead of trying to make “April Absurdity” work too.

Christmas is known for being the “most wonderful time of the year,” but for fans of complete basketball chaos (and degenerate gamblers), March Madness is actually the best, and it’s not even close.

Now is the time to say to your co-workers “I really like what Texas A&M has done this year in the SEC” when in fact you haven’t watched them play a game this year.

It is the time to text a friend “I have Loyola-Chicago as my Cinderella team” when in reality they didn’t even qualify for the tournament (sorry Sister Jean).

A man named Joe Lunardi comes out of hibernation and is suddenly the sole expert on everything college basketball and carefully crafts the science of Bracketology.

It is expected that when the games start on Thursday and Friday during the day, you have multiple tabs of the games on your computer open with a Microsoft Excel sheet ready to pull up in a jiffy if your boss were to walk by your desk.


However, as we see play out every year with March Madness, you would be better off having zero knowledge on college basketball and filling out your bracket.

That being said, Alabama, Houston, Kansas and Purdue have secured the #1 seeds.

Don’t look at “defensive efficiency numbers” or “quad one wins” that teams have. Instead, pick teams by which team colors you like better, or pit the opposing university’s mascots in a fictitious fight against one another and choose based on which mascot would come out victorious.

These are the tried and true methods that will allow your bracket to rise above the rest and make you look like a college basketball expert.

The next couple weeks of college basketball will create storylines, household names, and ripped-up brackets in waste baskets. Filling out a March Madness bracket on paper is becoming a lost art in this digital age, but I highly recommend it. Nothing better than putting pen to paper and inking your way through over 60 games and matchups in a matter of minutes.

Sit back and enjoy the beginning of the madness with the “First Four” games on Tuesday and Wednesday night. After that, the real craziness begins with non-stop, around the clock college basketball action Thursday through Sunday.

Correlation doesn’t always mean causation, but I think it is safe to say that as the amount of college basketball increases, American workforce efficiency drops like the NASDAQ.

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