Adorable Little Deer Fawn Gets The Zoomies

Fawn deer

That’s as cute as it gets.

There’s just something about a deer fawn that is so cute. It may be the fact that there’s cartoons about them or the possibility of what they could become.

Whitetail deer are a common sight across North America. They are among they most popular game animals due to their distribution, size and great taste. Many hunters dream of harvesting a beauty whitetail buck.

Fawns are typically born in late spring or early summer and they weigh between 4 and 8 pounds at birth. They are small and fragile, and they are completely dependent on their mothers for food and protection. In the first few days of their lives, fawns are unable to walk or run, so they spend most of their time lying in a safe spot while their mother feeds nearby.

As fawns grow, they become more active and curious. They begin to explore their surroundings, nibble on grass and leaves, and play with other fawns. Whitetail deer fawns are known for their playful behavior, and they can often be seen chasing each other, leaping, and running in circles.

This fawn put the playful nature on full display here as it raced back and forth jumping over its mother seemingly having the time of its life.

The fawn has the “zoomies” as if it were a little puppy playing around.

The innocence of the young is evident even in the wild. This is one of the most at-risk creatures out there with nearly everything wanting a piece of it, even as it puts all of that at bay and has some fun.

Nature is amazing.

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