Shannon Sharpe Accidentally Drops F-Bomb On Undisputed: “You Got Me Cursing Skip”

Shannon Sharpe

There is usually no shortage of chaos when Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless fire up their FS1 sports debate show Undisputed.

Viewers got more than they bargained for yesterday morning as Shannon Sharpe slipped up during the show and dropped an F-bomb on live national television.

The duo of Bayless and Sharpe, who have been co-hosting the show (and creating viral moments) since 2016, were discussing the Los Angeles Clippers’ chances of finishing as the best team in the NBA’s Western Conference when Sharpe slipped up.

“If I’m making fried chicken and someone says I got some chocolate for you, yeah I like chocolate, but what the fu– sorry, you got me up here cursing Skip, but why would I need chocolate to go with fried chicken?”

Sharpe entered into an analogy involving a couple of food items that don’t exactly go together, and in doing so apparently forgot where he was and what he was doing when he let the f-bomb fly.

Per usual, the internet had a field day with the entire situation:

To be honest, it is surprising that things like this don’t happen more often considering some of these sports talk show personalities speak on live television for over five hours a day.

Plus, Shannon might’ve set the land-speed record for apologizing, basically saying sorry as soon as he let the curse word slip through. Incredible recovery time on that one Shannon. Everybody makes mistakes, and I think we can all let Sharpe slide on this one.

Runner up to the “funniest part of the clip,” with of course the F-Bomb taking the gold medal, is Shannon saying:

“You got me up here cursing Skip”

If anyone has the hot sports takes that provoke cursing, it is Skip Bayless.

I actually think “Skip’s ridiculous sports take made me say the F-Word on Live TV” would hold up in a court of law.

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