Man Goes Viral After He Got Into A Stare Down… With A Cardboard Cut-Out


Sometimes social media is simply the best.

A user on Twitter is going viral after an interaction he had with a woman in a gas station, or so he thought.

The man was simply making a gas station snack run when he accidentally created a moment that is now sweeping the internet.

The user writes:

“BRUHH..I went to this gas station to buy some gummy bears and when I was leaving I noticed this woman kept looking at me so I said.. ‘Heyyy how you doing’… 5 seconds go by and now we just staring at each other & I mumble under my breath like ‘Oh so this woman ain’t gonna speak huh'”.

The man was simply trying to be polite to another person inside the store who seemed to have a staring problem. As he began to exit the store, the fact that this individual was in-person-ghosting him was causing significant inner turmoil.

He decided he would attempt one more interaction as he left, and he ended up being hilariously surprised:

“She had a lot of nerve to be staring me down like that. Well anyways, I continue to stare back at her until i started walking out the door and GUESS WHAT? It was a mf cardboard of a police officer.”

The ole’ cardboard cutout fooled the man. In his defense, the cutout does look surprisingly real in the picture that he posted along with his tweet describing the incident.

How great is it that he ended up sharing this somewhat embarrassing moment with the world? He tried to have a conversation with a piece of cardboard, but he wasn’t too proud to share the funny story with the social media world.

Nowadays, society is probably guilty of “oversharing” on social media, but this is a perfect example of why apps like Twitter and Instagram can sometimes have positive effects.

I wish I could say “we’ve all been there,” but I cannot say confidently that many people have tried to strike up a conversation with a cardboard cut-out.  However, other users are tweeting in support (I guess?) of the user who was fooled by the realistic, cardboard person:

God bless this man, and God bless Twitter for allowing all of us to be a part of this story.

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