LA Clippers Owner Steve Balmer Gets A Little Too Enthusiastic About Toilets


Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer has often made headlines for his emphatic, all-in personality.

This past week, as the LA Clippers visited the construction site of their soon-to-be new basketball arena the Intuit Dome, owner Steve Ballmer got hilariously fired up about how many bathrooms the new dome will house:

“Toilets! 1,160 toilets and urinals! Three times the NBA average of toilets and urinals! We do not want people waiting around.

We want them back to their damn seats!”

I am not sure that I have ever seen someone so excited about thousands of toilets and urinals. Ballmer delivered the news as if he were trying to rally the troops before battle. Who doesn’t want to get fired up about the toilet count exceeding the NBA arena average by three times? Am I right?

Well, superstar Clippers players Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard (along with the rest of the team) didn’t seem too terribly excited:

In all honesty, I think we have all been to a sporting event or a concert and have had to wait in terribly long lines to use the bathroom, so maybe Ballmer is on to something here.

Those who visit the Intuit Dome upon its completion will never have to strategically calculate how many beers they will be having for the night again, or what time of the game/concert is right to sneak away to the restroom. If the Clippers owner just single handedly solved the Stadium Toilet Crisis of 2023, then maybe he deserves to be enthused about his accomplishment.

Then again, like I stated before, this might not even be Ballmer’s “excited” voice. This could just be his NORMAL voice. Take a look at some of the other times Ballmer has worn his heart on his sleeve:

Full throttle:

If these examples aren’t his enthusiastic voice and this is just his “normal” vibe in life, I’m not sure myself or the rest of the population could handle Steve Ballmer “excited.”

The $2 billion dollar Intuit Dome, along with its plethora of bathrooms, is set to be completed and open for business in early 2024.

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