How To Cope With Your Unappreciative Parents Snagging Zach Bryan Tickets

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A day I never thought I’d have to face in my adult life.

Yes, folks… you read that right… my parents are luckier than me and are going to see Zach Bryan this summer….even though they have no clue who he is.

On my daily phone call with my mom the other week, I explained how heartbroken I was about missing my chance to snag Zach Bryan tickets in Witchita on his Burn Burn Burn tour.

I did the pre-registration. I patiently waited. I got the invitation to buy tickets. I had them in my cart. The session timed out. The code wouldn’t let me back in. The tickets….gone.

So for you folks that do get that lucky email, maybe don’t try and buy them during the work day and then get pulled away by a task.

I am still processing my emotions from this difficult time.

My family is full of music junkies, and we are constantly talking about upcoming shows we are all catching, so naturally, being from Tennessee, when the Pilgrimage lineup came out earlier this week, I freaked out when I saw Zach Bryan headlining the second day.

I picked up the phone to call my parents, veterans of The Pilgrimage, I wanted to know if they had plans to attend again this year after the lineup dropped.

I was speechless when my parents didn’t seem keen on the lineup.

I mean…..come on, it’s STACKED. Festivals lineups have been phenomenal this year, and Franklin, Tennessee, is about to pull a huge crowd with this one.

They have been on a huge rock kick this year, so I wasn’t going to fight them and started to see if I should plan a trip back home and hit the festival solo.

Then the unthinkable happens. I get the call.

“We just bought our general admission tickets! Can’t wait to see The Black Crowes!”

No mention of Luke Grimes, Ashely MyBryde, Madeline Edwards, or Ian Munsick… ZACH BRYAN.

Given how many years my Dad did PR, I was shocked he hadn’t heard the country music phenomenon that is Zach Bryan.

But even more so, I felt like I got a knife to the heart because they just causally snagged tickets. I was on an emotional rollercoaster and still walked away empty-handed.

I have officially entered the anger stage from the five stages of grief. If anyone has any advice on coping with parents living the life you want, send them my way.

In the meantime, I have six months to verse my parents on the extensive discography of Zach Bryan.

Wish me luck…

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