Ronnie Dunn Surprised Jake Worthington At Soundcheck, & His Reaction Was Priceless: “Holy Sh*t, Do You See That”

Ronnie Dunn Jake w country music

Jake Worthington is the epitome of country boy.

Everything from his traditional vocals, musical arrangements, and that signature twang. If you don’t believe me, take a listen to his new duet with singer-songwriter crossover, Ernest.

Or better yet just scroll through his entire musical archive:

So it’s really no surprise that his reaction to a random Ronnie Dunn appearance at his vocal warmup would be wholesome and genuine shock, but this video made my day when I saw it.

Getting that “fly on the wall” view of an aspiring country talent reacting to his idol’s appearance is a rare sight, and as it turns out, Ronnie stopped by The Station Inn in Nashville just to check in on Jake and introduce him to the crowd that night.

Gotta love it:

Although, this is far from Jake’s first association with the country music legend.

The two collaborated alongside Jake Owen on “Jonesin’,” a track from Hardy’s Hixtape Volume 2 project.

And Jake was also featured on Ronnie’s most recent solo album, 100 Proof Neon, singing on a track called, “Honky Tonk Town.”

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