Tyler Childers Stops Show To Break Up Fight In The Crowd: “What The F*ck Is Your Problem?”

Tyler Childers country music

I guess Americans aren’t the only ones that get rowdy during country concerts.

During a recent show at Islington Assembly Hall in London last month, Tyler Childers had to stop his show when a fight broke out in the crowd – and he had some harsh words for the idiots who were brawling.

Tyler was in the middle of performing “Country Squire” when he noticed the dudes causing trouble:

“Hey, hold up. What the f*ck are you doing? What the f*ck is your problem? How old are you?”

He also helped security figure out who needed to go as they restored order to the crowd.

And once things settled down, Tyler checked to make sure everybody was good before joking with the crowd:

“Y’all acting like a buncha g**damn Dubliners, Jesus Christ.”

Then, he picked up right back where he left off.

What a pro, that Timmy Ty.

And don’t these people know what a treat it is to get to see Tyler live these days? He doesn’t tour a whole hell of a lot, and gets over to London even less. Enjoy it while you can, dudes, and don’t ruin it by getting kicked out of the show.

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