Taco Bell Employee Trades Pathetic Punches With Irate Customers Who Were Mad They Ran Out Of Crunchwrap Supremes

Taco Bell fight

Where’s Koe Wetzel when you need him?

I’ll admit, there’s nothing more frustrating than when a fast food restaurant runs out of their most popular food.

Hell, I’ll never forget walking into a Bojangles one time, and they told me they had run out of chicken. RUN OUT OF CHICKEN? THAT’S YOUR WHOLE MENU?

Yeah, as you can imagine I was pretty heated, but by God I didn’t start throwing hands with any workers or customers…

At one Taco Bell, the store had run out of their beloved Crunch Wrap Supremes, and boy, the events that transpired after the customers found out were wild.

The video cuts in with the male Taco Bell employee screaming in a woman’s face:


Nevertheless, we’re getting some big time “Karen” energy from these two ladies, irate over Taco Bell order. Newsflash: You’re in a TACO BELL… this isn’t the French Laundry you lunatics.

Once the employee yells in their faces, they respond by… shocker… shoving him.

Oh damn… they’re about to find out…

The employee shoves them back (harder) and that’s when a dude jumps in (it’s uncertain if he’s with the woman who got shoved), and shoves the worker right back.

A few words are exchanged, and the dude proceeds to unzip his North Face jacket straight from 2007, and square up with the worker.

They exchange a few pathetic swings… I mean, just some real sorry excuses for punches, but there isn’t much connection. We’re talking a kindergarten-level slap fight, right at the counter here.

One of the women involved catches a stray and everyone seems to separate.

I just want to know, what triggered this worker so much to the point he felt like he needed to shove a woman? Was he tired of telling customers they were out of Crunch Wrap Supremes for the 526,000th time? Would they not take “no” for an answer? I have so many questions…

Nevertheless, the sense of entitlement from customers at a fast food establishment like Taco Bell is just bonkers to me. We’re talking the lowest quality food, from grossly underpaid employees, many of whom are high school kids… and if it’s dark outside, half the customers are probably drunk or stoned. You should just be happy to leave with something edible that doesn’t make you destroy a toilet the following day.

And another thing, Taco Bell employees are like one notch below Waffle House on the “just try me, mf’er” scale… tread lightly.

Wild times we’re living in, man. Wild times.

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