Police Audio Recordings From Shooting Incident At Joe Mixon’s House Reveal Kids Were Playing With NERF Toys

Mixon house

What a bizarre situation all the way around…

Earlier this week, news broke that Sheriff’s Deputies in Hamilton County, Ohio were called to Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon’s house, after a “shots fired” call was made to his home.

Although there were no arrests made, and it’s unclear if Mixon himself was even home, one juvenile had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Now it’s uncertain about what Mixon’s involvement in the incident was, or who it was that fired the gun, but there has been new details released since the incident that happened on Monday night.

Police audio recovered by TMZ has been released from the incident, and from what the recordings say, it sounds like it was just a few teenagers playing NERF wars outside of their house:

“Witnessed several males and females running at this location. Couldn’t get a description. One of them pulled out a gun, ran toward the back of a building. Several shots were heard.

A male with a gun was seen running, getting into a Jeep. He’s currently still on scene. Two other vehicles are involved… they fled at a high rate of speed.”

An officer then comes on the radio and says it’s just a few kids playing “dart wars.”

There is still no certainty that actual gunshots were fired at all.

Mixon’s girlfriend continues to say that he did nothing wrong, and judging from the radio call, the incident may have really been nothing at all.

However, we’re still awaiting more details…

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