Muscadine Bloodline Drops Hilarious New Music Video For “Pocketful of 90’s Country”

Muscadine Bloodline country music

Muscadine Bloodline just don’t miss…

This morning, they released a hilarious new music video for their song “Pocketful of 90’s Country,” which was included on their recent Teenage Dixie record and celebrates all the artists we love from the glorious 90’s decade of country music.

It also features some pretty dynamite lyrics all about the traditional country sound and the downfall of country radio as the top tier of music:

“Country ain’t what country was but it comes back around
It’s a five-beat band from Dixieland, it’s coming to your town…

And a lot of folks like me done gave up on the radio,
They been wearin’ out the CDs of the solid country gold”

In the video, you see Charlie and Gary dressed up as all kinds of characters, auditioning in front of what appears to be label executives, but pretty much blowing it and doing a terrible job with their performance.

Eventually, they show up as the bonafide Muscadine Bloodline duo, and nail it on stage.

A record executive offers them a deal, and well, let’s just say they weren’t having any of it…

They shared a funny caption on Instagram announcing that the video was out, saying they never thought they’d “win the talent show”:

“Never thought we would win the talent show but here we are. #pocketfulof90scountry vid out now.”

I love the creativity and humor they always include in their work, and they definitely pulled it off here once again:

Charlie and Gary recently stopped the the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast and talked about their aforementioned new album, why they haven’t signed a record deal, and much more.

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