Hammerhead Gets The Best Of Blacktip In Wild Shark Fight

Black shark

There’s a saying out there that’s as old as time itself:

“The more you f*ck around, the more you’re gonna find out.”

This goes for not only humans, but every creature on this planet.

And when it comes to sharks, this is the pure definition of this statement.

Here we have a Blacktip shark, taking on a much larger Hammerhead in Key West, Florida.

Now just for perspective, the average Blacktip shark is about five feet long, and the Hammerhead is around 15 to 18 feet.

In the footage, you can see the Blacktip biting down on the Hammerhead’s fin. However, the Hammerhead uses its much larger size to its advantage and ultimately takes care of the Blackfin.

Now according to the person videoing, the Hammerhead bit the Blacktip, and it was retaliating.

However, the Blacktip should’ve known it never had a chance to begin with.

The video was posted to Instagram by Kenaro Malcolm with a caption that reads:

“Yesterday me and Cam Sharp got a show of something truly amazing. Whiles looking for bonefish we saw a massive mud cloud in the distance with lots of splashing.

Taking up our lines and racing over we couldn’t believe our eyes. A Blacktip found itself holding on for dear life to the dorsal fin of a huge hammerhead attacking it.

At that point the Blacktip already had 2 large bite marks on the side of it and probably was a last ditch effort to fight off the predator.

As always be careful out there and tight lines.”

Check it out:

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