Fisherman Accidentally Hooks A Bird During Live News Segment, Chaos Ensues

fishing newscast

Wow, that is awkward…

But, it can happen. It’s not the first time a fisherman has hooked a bird and it won’t be the last, but on live TV during a fishing segment is a big time fail.

Live news broadcasts can be unpredictable, and anything can happen at any moment. Usually, these news stations try to keep it safe for the audience, but with it being live some crazy stuff can happen from time to time.

For me, I get a huge kick out of the madness… the reactions of those involved are always hilarious.

The incident occurred during a live broadcast featuring a shark expert who was discussing the feeding habits of sharks. The expert was using a fishing rod while talking about a possible shark lurking around the lake.

Immediately, the man has the newscasters laughing. They talk about how there’s a low possibility of a shark being what was seen in the lake. But then, he goes to his demonstration as he heaves a lure out into the water in hopes of catching the possible shark.

Almost as soon as his lure hits the water something is on the end of it.

“Yeah, there we go. I got a… bird. I got a bird…”

Awkward pause…

“I’d go to another shot…”

The man reels in the duck as the newscasters panic. The awkwardness is hysterical.

They finally switch it over to a newscaster, who still grasping what happened comes up with pure gold.

“Well, that didn’t end well did it? Peaking duck anyone?”


I love it, the other newscaster does not know what to say as you can hear laughter in the background.

Things happen, but on live TV it just seems to make it more funny.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock