USC Lineman Andrew Voorhees Leads NFL Combine With 38 Bench Press Reps… With A Torn ACL

USC combine

This is a football guy through and through.

The NFL Combine wrapped up yesterday after hundreds of athletes from colleges across the country did their best to show teams why they deserve to be drafted this April in Kansas City.

One of those athletes was Andrew Voorhees (no relation to Jason), an offensive guard out of USC, who was a projected 2nd or 3rd round pick coming into the combine.

Unfortunately for the 6’6″, 325lb monster, a tragic stroke of bad luck hit while completing drills on Sunday, leaving him with a torn ACL and an uncertain future.

While ACL injuries don’t seem to be as big of a deal as they were a few years ago (remember Adrian Peterson’s epic 2,000 yard season?), there’s no denying something like this is a blow not only to his draft stock, but his long term playing potential.

But there was no stopping Andrew from showing out for one of the events I look forward to most every year, the bench press.

Side note: How this related to football skill in any way is questionable at best, but you have to admit it’s awesome seeing these beasts toss around the weight of a big human like it’s nothing.

Andrew came out on crutches with a big brace wrapped around his right leg, laid down, and proceeded to knock out 38 reps, a combine high.

Yes, you heard that, 38 reps of 225, four more than the next highest, and without two legs to drive into.

Hats off and a big round of applause for Andrew.

Here’s to hoping the Steelers pick him up, heavens knows their offensive line could use a bit of this grit…

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