Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes: Man Gets His Tongue Bitten By Snake

Snake bite

That is just flat out stupid…

Nothing about this shows any signs of functioning brain cells. There are no positive outcomes from this other than going viral on the internet. But, that all it takes for some people.

Snakes are some of the creepiest of critters in my opinion. It’s just the fact that the have no legs and can move around so well. It sends chills up my spine.

But, they are still very cool. I mean, they don’t have legs…

Snakes far and wide are known for their similar shape and look along with them being carnivores. That means they hunt nearly everything they eat. They all have their own methods for hunting but many have quick striking ability met with fangs meant for penetration.

This man clearly has a couple screws loose upstairs. He is seen holding his tongue out as far as he can as he brings the snake in closer. The snakes mouth is wide open and fully over his tongue before it has enough and decides to bite down.

The boys all laugh hysterically as the man mumbles with the snake latched onto his tongue. He leaves it for longer than any sensible person would then finally forces it to let go.

With a smile on his face he has a message for all the viewers.

“Grab ya one, son”

I don’t care, I’ll say it…

No thanks.

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