Whiskey Riff Song Of The Week: “Moonlight In Marfa” By The Panhandlers

The Panhandlers country music
The Panhandlers

Happy Monday, y’all.

Today for the Song of the Week, we have a new tune from The Panhandlers called “Moonlight In Marfa.”

It’s one of 14 songs they included on their just-released Tough Country album, which is full of so many great songs that paint a beautiful picture of the vast landscape of the Lone Star state.

The Texas country supergroup is comprised of Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, John Baumann and Flatland Cavalry frontman Cleto Cordero, who are all incredibly talented artists in their own right.

And when you get them all together on one record?

Pure magic. They simply do not miss.

Of the new record, Josh Abbott says this project is a product of growth and collaboration that they’re extremely proud of, since releasing their self-title debut back in 2020:

“I’m extremely proud of the growth this album shows. 

The collaborations and harmonies are even stronger, and the instrumentation weaves seamlessly.

I’m grateful for this experience with this group of men that I’m proud to call some of my best friends.” 

And of course, one of my early favorites is “Moonlight in Marfa,” which is a beautiful little love song about how the moonlight in Marfa, Texas is shining on the woman the narrator loves, making for a picture-perfect setting that’s almost too good to be true.

The sense of place they sing about throughout the record is so unique to Texas, and makes for special songs that capture the essence of who they are as indivuals and a kickass supergroup.

Check it out:

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