Texas Podcasters See Their Lives Flash Before Their Eyes When Car Crashes Into Window Right Behind Them

Car crash

This is some real life Final Destination stuff right here.

It’s just a part of life, knowing that you never know what your day is gonna hold every time you wake up.

Sometimes you try to start your car and your battery is dead, maybe the workers at Chick-Fil-A got your order wrong…

Or maybe a car nearly runs you over while you’re sitting in a coffee shop recording a podcast.

That unlikely near death scenario happened to one podcaster recently, believe it or not.

According to FOX 26, two local Houston men were recording a podcast, when all of a sudden a car comes flying into the window directly behind them.

As glass shatters, the car was only inches away from severely injurying them.

The two men recording are Alexsey Reyes and Nathan Reeves, and it all went down outside of a Tout Site in Houston on Saturday around 4:30 PM.

The video was about photography for Reeves’ podcast on his YouTube Channel, and as you can see in the TikTok footage, a black SUV slams right into the window, directly behind where they’re sitting.

Ironically enough, the last thing Reeves’ said before the car crashed was:

“It got so quiet in here.”

And that peace and quiet was disturbed almost immediately.

At this moment, it is unclear why or how the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the building, but as you can imagine, Reyes and Reeves probably saw their lives flash before their eyes and immediately began counting their blessings.

I mean what are the odds of this?

Also, why the hell are you recording a podcast in a coffee shop? Isn’t it loud?

Anyways… check it out:

@alexsey Replying to @codyjusabum support my page cause i almost clocked out #houston #photographer ♬ Dumb Ways to Die – Tangerine Kitty

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