Photographer Captures Incredible Photo Of Waves That Looks Just Like A Face

Lena Khrupina/Pexels

Back when you were a kid, there was probably a time where you were looking up at the clouds, and thought you saw a face carved into the wisps of the clouds.

And then of course you had the man on the moon, where we’d always swear up and down the moon looked like it had a face back when we were little kids.

Of course, that was way back in the day, probably in early elementary school and before when our imaginations would run wild.

But this picture right here?

Nah, I’m fully convinced this is an actual face, and I’m 25-years-old.

The wild photograph was captured by English photographer Ian Sproat, where there appears to be an actual face carved out of a massive wave crashing over a lighthouse at Rocker Pier in Sunderland, United Kingdom, according to BBC.

Sproat says that he captured around 4,000 photos over a span of 12 hours, and after coming up with this, I’d say it was worth every second.

The 41-year-old from North Tyneside admitted to the outlet that the picture caught him off guard:

“I just thought, what the hell?”

The part time photographer and full time electrician shared the picture to his Instagram, with a caption that reads:

“Could it be the goddess of water Amphitrite, or our beloved late Queen Elizabeth?”

He also discussed with the outlet how he got into photography:

“I really struggled through lockdown, it hit so hard and I was really stressed with my business.

I needed something where I could get my peace and I found that with photography because you are just in the moment and it takes your mind off of everything else.

Every day is a challenge and if you don’t get the picture, you know there is always tomorrow to try again. It changed my life, I’m a different person now.”

Needless to say, he chose the right hobby.

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