Helmet Flies Through The Air During Wild XFL Fight Between The St. Louis Battlehawks & D.C. Defenders

XFL fight

The XFL is officially in full swing, and I’ll admit, it’s pretty entertaining and high quality football. Not to mention, you have to love football being on TV while the NFL and college football are in their offseason.

Not to mention, the players stay talking smack the whole game, as the XFL doesn’t have the same taunting penalties that the NFL has.

However, that “smack talk” turned into an all out brawl between the St. Louis Battlehawks and the D.C. Defenders yesterday.

The Battlehawks were trailing the Defenders 34-28 in the remaining seconds of the game, and had one last opportunity to march down the field in 16 seconds and try to win.

One unique rule in the XFL, is that they don’t have to do onside kicks. Instead, if teams were to choose, they have the choice of giving the offense one “4th and 15” play, and if they convert, they get to retain possession, just like if they recovered their own onside kick.

The Battlehawks decided to go for the “4th and 15,” but it ultimately resulted in former star Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron taking a sack, basically icing the game for the Defenders.

But, all of a sudden both teams got into a massive all-out skirmish, with both teams clearing the benches and either taking part in the altercation, or attempting to break it up.

It appears that around 20 players were involved in the fight, and the wildest part is when you see a Defenders player’s helmet go flying through the air.

You can hear the announcers say:

“This is really unfortunate. This isn’t what the game’s about.”

The fight was ultimately broken up after about 30 seconds.

Check it out:

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