Giovannie & The Hired Guns Float Possibility Of An Acoustic Album: “Posty Type Vibe”

Gio and the gunz
Giovannie Yanez

Last year I finally fully understood Giovannie and The Hired Guns.

Their Tejano Punk Boys album was killer, top to bottom great, featuring the fan favorite “Ramon Ayala” and my new favorite song of theirs “Can’t Answer Why”.

Since then they’ve been putting in some serious road work on their Tejano Punk Boyz tour, so we haven’t gotten any news on potential new music.

That is until today.

Front-man Giovannie Yanez put out a Tweet floating the idea of an acoustic project, and like all things acoustic… I am IN

There’s no denying the group’s rock heavy style and Spanish influences, so thinking of what they could cook up in the “rockish, poppy, reggae, regatón, rappy, Spanglish, posty type” genre (what ever that comes out to be) gets my blood pumping.

While live shows are loud, dark, and grungy, they’ve actually done quite a few acoustic sets before, including for Austin’s alternative rock radio station 101X as part of their X-Sessions.

With just two guitars and vocals, they played 3 of their best known songs to date: “Roster Tattoo,” “Ramon Ayala,” and “Overrated,” and it sounded pretty dang good.

Throw in some maracas, bongos, accordion… hell what ever comes to mind, and this becomes its own thing entirely.

Fingers crossed this actually happens.

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