Celtics Forward Grant Williams Says “I’m Gonna Make Both” Before Missing Two Game-Winning Free Throws

Boston Celtics

Is it always good to be confident?

Maybe we should ask Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams, who seemed to promise he would make two free throws in a fury of trash talk right before missing both of his potentially game-winning free throw attempts.

Good thing it wasn’t in an important part of the game between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers or anything though…

Oh it was at the very end of the game with both teams tied 109 – 109… with only 0.8 seconds remaining… in a situation where if he would’ve even just hit one of the free throws the Celtics would’ve walked away with the victory right then and there.

Not a great look Grant Williams… and they caught you in 4K.

To make matters worse, the game went into overtime and ended with the Cavaliers pulling off the victory, 118 to 114, over Boston.

Celtics Coach Joe Mazulla will probably say all of the generic coach talk and state that those two free throws didn’t lose them the game and that there were many important plays that could have won them or lost them the game.

Then he’ll watch the video of Grant Williams promising two made free throws and chalk it up as bad juju.

Seemed like everything started to go downhill for the Celtics right when Grant Williams told the whole world that he would make both free throws, and Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell might’ve put an exclamation mark on the whole night with this dunk in Overtime.

So, what did we learn from this? Only trash talk if you can back it up and always set your expectations low.

I think just as effective trash talk would’ve been for Williams to say “I’m going to miss both of these.”

As an opposing player you would be pretty confused, and then if Williams manages to hit one of them, he exceeds the promise he made. The ol’ reverse jinx.

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