Black Bear Opens Door Of Mercedes-Benz, & Hilariously Backs Away When The Owner Starts Yelling

Black bear

A bear walks straight to your car, and proceeds to open up the door…

What are you gonna do?

It’s no secret that when a bear gets the smell of some food, it’s gonna do whatever it can to get inside the area where the food is located. Even if it’s just an empty wrapper, that nose will pick up the scent.

We’ve seen this time and time again, with bears entering homes and ravaging the kitchen, breaking into cars, campgrounds, etc…

At that point, all you can do is stay away, maybe try and yell at it to go away, and just hope that the bear doesn’t do any serious damage to your belongings, especially if it’s a mama bear looking for food for her cubs…

That won’t end well if you decide to approach her…

And here we have yet another example, but this one is absolutely hilarious.

Here you can see a black bear approaching a new Mercedes-Benz (not a cheap car), as the owners are sitting on what appears to be the deck of their home (perhaps a rental).

You can hear someone in the background say:

“Don’t f*ck up the Mercedes”

And sure enough, the bear walked straight to the car door, got on its hind legs and opened the passenger door like it was a human being.

However, the best part is the people’s reaction. They begin to start screaming bloody murder at the bear, and you can see that the creature is visibly taken back by their response.

It was probably thinking:

“Man, I don’t want nothing to do with these psychopaths.”

The bear proceeds to slowly take a few steps back while still standing on its hind legs, once again, like a human being, and then finally gets on all fours and takes off into the woods.

10/10 content right here:

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