Jake Gyllenhaal Throws Wild Flying Knee Filming Scene For New ‘Road House’ Movie During UFC 285

Jake Gyllenhaal UFC

Spoiler alert…

Jake Gyllenhaal was on the card for UFC 285 last night, and to be honest, he put one hell of a performance. With a flying knee TKO he probably had the knockout of the night…

Except… it was all for a movie.

Gyllenhaal is filming the upcoming Road House remake (because we have to remake every good movie ever made these days), starring Gyllenhaal, as well as Daniela Melchior, Conor McGregor, and Billy Magnussen.

Joel Silver, who produced the original film in 1989 starring Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott, is also back to produce this one.

Apparently, some part of the plot includes Gyllenhaal’s character flashing back to his UFC career and the film crew utilized UFC 285 for their set. Gyllenhaal shot a scene with former UFC fighter Jay Hieron, including the ceremonial weigh-ins with Dana White, the walk out scenes, the whole nine yards

It all went down last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And needless to say, Jake is looking pretty shredded for the role:

The weigh-ins, complete with overdramatic slap and Dana White needing to separate the fighters:

The walkout scene:

And the brutal flying knee TKO, followed by the ref being unable to pull Jake off of his opponent because this is Hollywood and he couldn’t just knock him out and turn around:

All in all, a pretty cool sneak peek for UFC fans, although I can’t say I’m excited about the movie… as a big Road House fan, I just can’t see how this is any good at all.

However, in real UFC news, Jon Jones also made his return to the octagon, defeating Ciryl Gane to take the heavyweight title:

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