Michael Douglas Says His Wife Catherine Zeta-Jones Makes Him “Whip It Out” If He Doesn’t Drive His Golf Ball Past The Women’s Tee Box

Michael Douglas Catherine Zeta Jones
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There’s a longstanding golf joke that if you’re a guy and don’t hit your tee shot past the women’s tee box, then you have to whip your privates out.

Of course, the majority of golfers don’t actually go through with this joke, considering it’s a felony for indecent exposure if somebody sees you, but it’s always funny to give your buddies hell about not hitting their tee shot outside of their shadow.

However, there is one famed actor who actually goes through with this unwritten rule…

And it’s no other than Michael Douglas.

Of course, he doesn’t go out and do this with the boys, but whenever he’s playing golf with his wife she always makes him do it.

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Douglas has been married to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones for the past 23 years, and according to Douglas, she makes him whip it out whenever he hits a terrible tee shot that doesn’t get past the women’s tee box.

The 78-year-old told The Guardian:

“The rules are… I have to whip it out if I don’t hit it past the ladies’ tees, which I manage most of the time. But there have been times when we’re playing alone, and have to give her a little show because we are competitive.”

He also assured that it was STRICTLY with his wife:

“But only when I play with my wife.”

Luckily for Douglas, he’s a pretty decent golfer, so he probably doesn’t have to do this too often.

Regardless, it’s still a pretty funny story.

She confirmed their little wager on an episode of The Graham Norton Show a few years back:

“I can kick his ass in golf… if he duffs a shot and can’t get his ball over the ladies tee he has to take his pants off, expose himself in some way… but it’s not just my husband, it’s any man I play.

There has been an issue with paparazzi but I made him go into the bushes to drop his pants… a deal is a deal.”

Keeping things spicy, eh?

John Daly Belly Flops Into A Pond On Trump Doral Golf Course

John Daly… some say he’s less than a god, but more than a man.

Okay, probably not, but a living legend is pretty fitting for the two-time major champion on the PGA Tour.

Not to mention, the guy has a country album with a Willie Nelson feature in it, and he also camps out at the Hooter’s in Augusta, Georgia during Masters week, like the absolute legend he is.

John Daly is also a belly flop expert, as he proved over this past summer.

We all know that the belly flop is typically reserved for kids hanging out at the pool, or the absolutely shlap hammered dad at the cookout who is trying to show everybody else that he’s still as good as he once was.

But John Daly?

Those rules don’t apply.

Because he was seen at Trump National Golf Course-Doral in Miami, completely shirtless, and doing one helluva belly flop into one of the ponds on the golf course.

Now Doral is one of the most prestigious golf courses in America, and has hosted several PGA tournaments there.

But for ol’ Daly, it’s just another opportunity for a good time. He just needs to keep an eye out on them gators, though… they bound to be in those waters in Florida.

Check it out:

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Tiger Woods Is Building One Of The Hardest Golf Courses Imaginable

If you’re looking for a golf course where you want to go and shoot a million, look no further than Tiger Woods’ latest golf course venture.

The famed golfer has unveiled the blueprints for his new 18-hole golf course that’ll be located in Park City, Utah, dubbed Marcella Club.

As with all of Tiger’s courses, like Payne’s Valley, Bluejack National, and El Cardonal at Diamante in Mexico, the Marcella Club is going to be located on a beautiful plot of land with some of the prettiest views imaginable.

According to Golf Digest, Woods expressed his excitement for the new project in a press release:

“I couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with Marcella Club to design and create a new championship golf course just outside Park City.

Utah is an incredible place, with favorable year-round weather that offers opportunities to be active outdoors throughout all four seasons—golfing, skiing, biking, hiking, and fishing—the list goes on and on.

I’m thrilled to be designing a course in such a special location; this new course is uniquely beautiful and will offer engaging play for every ability.”

But don’t let the breath taking looks fool you… Because this course is gonna be a b*tch and a half.

If you choose to hate your life and play from the back tees, it’s a whopping 8,000 yards, which is absolutely absurd.

Not to mention, the 10th hole is a 700-yard par 5, and every par 5 on the course is over 600-yards.

And on top of that, the par 3 15th hole is an insane 292 yards. For those who aren’t too familiar with golf, the majority of people can’t even hit their driver, their longest club in the bag, 290 yards.

Needless to say, this golf course is gonna be pure insanity… But I’m kinda here for it.

George Strait Helps Raise $2.4 Million For Military Veterans At Annual Golf Tournament

The King raised a ton of money for a great cause.

George Strait recently hosted his 12th annual Valqueros del Mar golf benefit (and show) that supports the Feherty’s Troops First Foundation, which helped raise an incredible $2.4 million for the foundation during all the festivities.

Last year, they raised an impressive $1.7 million, so it’s cool to see them taking it up a notch and raising even more money this year.

George holds the fundraiser with with longtime friend and Texas businessman Tom Cusick, and was joined for performances by Asleep at the Wheel, William Beckman, Wade Bowen, Dean Dillon, Keith Gattis, Randy Houser, Jamey Johnson and Randy Rogers.

Tom says both he and George love getting together to support Veteran’s every year, and this event has become one of the most fulfilling experiences they’ve been involved in:

“After George and I acquired Tapatio, we had our Grand Re-Opening on 11-11-11, which was Veterans Day.

We decided holding an event for our military heroes was perfect and then we met David Feherty with Troops First, and the rest is history.

I believe we both would agree that this has been one of the most fulfilling experiences we have been involved in, and have grown so close to so many that have sacrificed for our country and all of us!”

The incredible Feherty’s Troops First Foundation provides assistance to military members and veterans, as well as their families, who have been wounded while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Since the golf tournament first launched in 2011, King George has been able to help raise over $10 million in total for veterans and other military members with that event alone, which is absolutely amazing.

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