CJ Stroud Says 2 Quarterbacks He Looks Up To Are… Michael Vick & Deshaun Watson

CJ Stroud

Man oh man… is he trolling?

It’s no secret that CJ Stroud has been arguably the best quarterback in college football the past two seasons.

Although he didn’t win a Heisman Trophy, he led probably the most electric offense in all of college football the past two seasons at Ohio State, and in a number of games, the guy looked unstoppable.

But now, his days at Ohio State are over, and he’s now looking forward to the NFL Draft on April 27th.

He’s currently at the NFL Combine, and he sat down for a press conference to discuss his skillset.

During the press conference, he discussed three of the quarterbacks he looks up to the most, saying:

“One of the reasons I wore number seven was because of Michael Vick. He inspired me not only just to be athletic and use my athleticism, but as a black quarterback that can stay in the pocket and throw the ball, that’s something he was very underrated in.

I look up to Deshaun Watson as somebody I feel like I have a similar play style to, and then Joe Burrow, being able to create. Not being the fastest guy, but kinda be able to extend plays, throw guys off you.

Just be tough, and that’s something I feel like I do a good job of.”

You can’t make this up…

WHAT? Michael Vick AND Deshaun Watson?

Okay, okay, I know he’s just comparing his skillset to theirs, but those are definitely not two guys who you should look up to… and if you do for strictly football reasons… don’t say it out loud.

I mean, C’MON… Michael Vick was put in prison for dogfighting, and Watson has faced 30 allegations of sexual harassment from women for the past three years.

Of course, it’s all about context, but you can’t help but get a little wide-eyed whenever a young QB says he looks up to guys like Vick and Watson.

Naturally, Twitter cracking up:

Here’s the full interview:


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