West Texas Looks Like Another Planet As Dust Storms Ravage Region

Texas dust

This looks like a scene right out of Interstellar…

Over the past week or so, West Texas has been hit by a number of wild dust storm which have colored the area an eerie red and caused numerous problems.

Harrison Spencer from Lubbock recorded an insane video which shows strong winds ripping across the dry landscape, throwing dust and debris everywhere and reducing visibility to almost zero.

“Usually we get high winds but this one was different. Power line poles were swaying. A transformer definitely went out somewhere as a lot of streetlights were flickering.”

According to the Texas Tribune, the region has been dealing with a drought, which brought the already arid ranch lands to higher than usual risks for intense dust storms, called haboobs.

So when tropical storm level winds began blowing, everyone and everything was immediately covered, dirt hung in the air and forcing officials to put out red level warnings for wildfires, wind advisories, visibility, and air quality.

The dust has also pushed into North Texas as well.

Harrison Sinclair, a forecaster with the weather service, said

“These are the kinds of winds that you see with tropical storms or hurricanes, but rather than have all the rain, everything is dusty and brown, and occasionally on fire.”

Hopefully this crazy weather passes and no one is seriously injured, either due to the air quality, debris, or traffic accidents.

Texas sure is wild in more ways than one…

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