Black Bear Gets Too Close For Comfort, Frightens Woman At Bus Stop

Black Bear

That would certainly give you a welcome to a new place.

British Columbia is definitely the place for that with one of the healthiest black bear populations in the world.

Black bears can grow to be quite large, with males typically weighing between 150 and 300 pounds but weighing as much as 600-pounds. Despite their size, black bears are incredibly agile and can run up to 35 miles per hour and climb trees like a pro.

Black bears have an incredibly powerful sense of smell, with some estimates suggesting that they can detect odors up to two miles away.

While black bears are typically shy and avoid contact with humans, they are also known for their curiosity. This can sometimes lead them to approach people or investigate human food sources, which can lead close and unwanted encounters.

This poor girl is seen sitting on a bench minding her own business at a bus stop near Whistler in British Columbia. A black bear walks around the corner and then straight up to her smelling her.

The woman is frozen in shock as she watches the black creature sniff her legs. An onlooker shouts over, letting her know it is okay and to just make a little noise so she doesn’t spook it. The woman talking is enough to send the black bear running off.

That is definitely not what a person is expecting when sitting on a bench in the sun in the middle of a town.

@nataliesgeo When encountering a black bear your safest option is to be gentle and make noise so it doesn’t feel surprised or threatened 🐻 #wildlife #BC #canada ♬ I would just like chill – Natalie Wannamaker

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