Nashville Musician Calls Out A**hole Who Put A Fake $20 Bill With An Ad For A Storage Company In His Tip Bucket

Some people are just shitty.

If you’ve ever been to Nashville to enjoy the live music, you’re probably aware (or at least you should be) that all of the musicians on stage in these bars work for tips.

Sure, some bars may pay them a little bit. But it’s nowhere close to enough to make a living, and in a lot of cases it’s not even enough to cover their parking to come downtown to work. (And it’s damn sure not enough to put up with drunk people requesting “Wagon Wheel” every 20 minutes for 4 straight hours).

The bottom line is, these folks depend on the money that visitors put in their tip buckets. And Nashville – and your vacation, if you’re visiting – depends on having these killer artists to entertain everybody and keep the music playing in Music City.

Most of the time the guys and gals on stage in the bars are happy to play whatever you want to hear (within reason) as long as you throw a few bucks in the bucket.

But one guy was apparently a real asshole and put a fake $20 bill in the bucket to get his song played – and the musician he stiffed is calling him out.

Jamie Baxter, who’s originally from Ohio but now makes a living playing in the bars on lower Broadway in downtown Nashville, posted a video to his TikTok showing the “tip” left by the customer after making a request.

It looks like an ordinary $20 bill. But when Baxter opens it up, it’s actually just an ad for this guy’s storage unit company in Myrtle Beach.

Dick move, Steve.

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