Florida Man Arrested For Beating A Shark With A Hammer & Tossing It Back Into The Water

Florida shark hammer

Yeah, this guy is sick.

Back in December of last year, video footage was discovered of a Florida man beating a shark on the shores of Bicentennial Beach Park on Indian Harbor Beach with a hammer, and then throwing it back out into the water.

Needless to say, the man’s actions caused quite the concern for beach goers and residents of the area.

But now, according to FOX News, the man has been identified as Brian Waddill, and is currently being charged with violation of restrictions on possession of prohibited species, failure to return prohibited species unharmed, violation of the prohibition against harvest and the landing or sale of sharks.

All are misdemeanors, according to the state’s attorney’s office.

At the time of the incident, the Indian Harbor Beach Police Department shared in a Facebook post:

“Two (2) males were observed catching a shark while shore fishing, bringing the shark to shore, hitting the shark over the head with a hammer, and then dragging the shark back into the water and releasing it.”

The shark is believed to be a lemon shark, which is one of the 28 protected species in Florida. Investigators say that Waddill said he was fishing and caught the shark, and then he allegedly admitted to hitting the shark with the hammer, and tossing it back out into the water…

Yeah, the video is all the proof ya need there my guy…

Those Florida dudes never cease to amaze me.

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