Bald Eagle Bursts Out Of Snow Covered Nest In Minnesota

Bald Eagle

The things children make their parents do.

While the weather may be starting to warm in some parts of the country, Minnesota is still dealing with freezing cold temperatures and lots of snow.

Just last week, the area surrounding the Twin Cities was treated to a late February snow storm. Over 13 inches fell, and while residents were probably not be too happy about it, the region’s wildlife continued to adapt and find a way to make it through, like they do year in and year out.

Take for example this bald eagle couple, who recently laid 2 eggs in the dead of winter. Even when the weather’s warm, eagles need to roost so their unborn young stay alive, but when it’s cold and snowy, it’s even more important to keep the eggs covered.

The Minnesota DNR Nongame Wildlife Program has a camera set up to watch two bald eagles in their nest and viewers were treated to an awesome sight when the snow let up and the birds started moving about.

One of the eagles took one for the team and decided to hunker down over the eggs throughout the storm, just letting the snow build on top of them. As we know, it really piled up and created an almost igloo for the parent and their eggs.

Eventually, it was time to stretch the old wings, and the eagle peaked its head out, looked around, got up and knocked the snow off. The other parent arrived for their turn, giving the surely freezing bird time to go out and warm up, most likely by finding something for dinner.

Nature always finds a way.

Check out the live stream of this eagles here:

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