Ryan Bingham Sings The Hell Out Of “The Weary Kind” At The San Antonio Rodeo

Ryan Bingham country music

Something about Ryan Bingham at a rodeo make sense.

The Yellowstone star and former rodeo cowboy himself took center stage at the San Antonio Rodeo to give one hell of a performance.

It’s no secret that Ryan Bingham has become a heartthrob in middle America thanks to his character, Walker, on Yellowstone. But let’s not forget that Bingham is a hell of a country music artist long before he began his acting stint.

It’s good to see him returning to his roots and appearing at the San Antonio Rodeo.

“The Weary Kind” was recorded in 2009 for the Scott Cooper film Crazy Heart.

Although the song was recorded for a soundtrack, it is a staple within Bingham’s discography. It’s raw, emotional, and simple. It also won a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe.

The performance sounds just like it does on the record, just another example of Bingham’s raw talent.

Ryan Bingham IS the real deal.

Here is another clip of the night of him performing “Hard Times”

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